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(ЛЕТНЕЕ СВАРОЖЬЕ) — чествование Небесного (Сварожьего) Огня и Солнца, как правило, приходящееся на самый разгар летней жары. О сию пору Родноверы славят Сварога-Отца и Ладу-Матушку — Отца и Мать всех Светлых Богов-Сварожичей. В пору двоеверия на Руси 29 кресеня/июня отмечали Петров день (день Петра и Павла).

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The Veles Circle

  "The Veles Circle" is the fellowship of Slavonic heathen (Native faith) communities (heathen groups), formed into summer 4408 from the foundation of Slovensk the great (into summer 1999 AD). From the foundation day the primary task of The Circle became the comprehension of the heritage of our ancestors, the development of heathen spirituality and the search for its own paths. The work both of the leaders (Veleslav, Bogumil Murin, Stavr ) and other participants in the fellowship in many respects are the basis of the spiritual and ritual aspects of contemporary Russian heathenism.

  "The Veles Circle" is a non-political organization based on voluntary non-commercial participation. In the head of this is the council of magi.

The heathen groups which take part in The Circle are:

- the Russian-Slavonic Native Faith community "RODOLUBIE" (year of formation - 1998 AD, leader - magi Veleslav);

- the Obninsk Native Faith Troyan community "TRIGLAV" (year of formation - 1993 AD, leader - magi Bogumil Murin);

- the Kostroma Native Faith community "KHOROVOD" (year of formation - 1999 AD, leader - magi Borich);

 - the Ryazan Native Faith community "TROYESVET" (year of formation - 2000 AD, leader - priest Mirolyub); 


  "The Veles Circle" is the non-political formation of those related on spirit and attitude of people, united under a number of common purposes. Purposes of the fellowship "The Veles Circle":

 1) reconstruction, revival and increase of the spiritual heritage of our ancestors;

2) practical mastering and implementation of the magic knowledge (Vedaniye) of our ancestors;

3) spiritual coordination, research and enlightenment work. All Native Faith communities, which take part in "The Veles Circle", enter into it on good will and from the agreement of other terms, have equal rights and responsibilities before each other.

 The fellowship of communities "The Veles Circle" is governed by the council of magi, leader priests, which are gathered at least one time per year. In the case of the geographical distance of any participant in "The Veles Circle", the possibility to participate in decision making, and also information about the afore-mentioned are achieved by means of different communication channels as that: electronic or usual mail, telephone, etc. The spiritual Patron of The Veles Circle is Veles - Slavonic God of wisdom.

 The number of different books published and released by "The Veles Circle" approaches almost hundred. It is important to note that our readers - participants in the heathen motion - on the merit estimated not only a quantity, but also, that the main thing, the quality of the published materials. Among those there are reflections to the spiritual themes, the search for truth in religion, the zeals, the enormous accumulated massif of heathen rites and laudings, used now on our sanctuaries, work on the history of Russia, the rare publications of those left it is age-long, the artistic works of the heathen authors and much other. Internet resource "The Veles Circle" is called to reflect in the network the variety of the materials of those accumulated by our fellowship in the years of its existence.

From the day of its discovery the resource is one of the large in the heathen Internet - on it is represented more than five hundred articles of different content and by different authors, connected with one idea - revival and continuation of the development of Slavonic heathenism in our days. Website will be regular (monthly) updated by new materials and, furthermore, at it will appear all topical news of The Circle. Those who want to participate and collaborate with The Circle can contact the administration. The addresses are indicated below.  

 (2005 )  priest Svetlojar - Этот адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Чтобы увидеть его, у Вас должен быть включен Java-Script


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